a feel of lowland nature


LOWLAND  NATURE  MOOD                                                                                           in 10 pictures     (march 2015)


the moor


I love the mountains, but unfortunately live in the lowlands called the Netherlands (literally meaning the lowlands). Yet lowland nature, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad, can have a quieting effect. This series is about capturing the tranquil lowland nature atmosphere into pictures.


ln 2 DSCF3414

last sunray


ln 3 DSF7891-2



ln 4 DSCF7750



ln 5 P1070623



ln 6 P1060847



ln 7 P1090850



ln 9 DSCF7614

in the wood


ln 10 DSF7901-2green shades


ln 11 P1130798

day ending


for porfolio and more press  HOMEPAGE





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