may 2015. the islamic alhambra spain

al 3 DSCF5016During a stay in Spain I had the opportunity to visit the Andalusian city Granada. Having a lot more to offer, without doubt the Alhambra is the most stunning site, with tons of details fighting for attention. For more press   READ MORE…


jan 2015. cologne cathedral                                

col 1 DSCF9957The Cologne Dom in Germany is called the mother of all gothic cathedrals.  It is an enormous building indeed, now 850 years old. Packed with detailed ornaments reaching high to heaven, it seems already halfway there. For more press   READ MORE…


dec 2014. eindhoven, city in square                                 

ehv 12 P1070699Severely destroyed by worldwar bombing, and later on by unwise citycounsil decisions, now the city of Eindhoven slowly transforms into a modern Industrial town. One by one inspirational architecture is added. For more press   READ MORE…


nov 2014. glow, festival of light                               

gl 12 P1080482The annual festival of light attracts about 600.000 visitors. Eindhoven, the city of lightning technology, forms the perfect base for  lightartists coming from over the world, showing their newest inventions. For more press  READ MORE…





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