cologne cathedral

COLOGNE CATHEDRAL                                                         in 8 pictures     (jan 2015)


col 1 DSCF9957cologne cathedral (1248-1880)


The Cologne Dom is called the mother of gothic cathedrals. Outside and inside it is enormous indeed. Packed with detail every ornament is reaching to heaven and high as it is, it seems almost halfway there. 850 years ago the Dom showed its almost white yellowish stone, now turned black from modern city pollution. Imagine the city in the middle ages. Small dirty houses, freely flowing shit over the unpaved streets, in its centre the almost white brilliant shining cathedral. That must have been stunning. Right now, black as it is between clean houses and streets, the dark colored cathedral contributes to the atmosphere of medieval times.

Huge inside you could feel lost, but you don’t. The cathedrals enormous inner space feels warm, the cold-hard lined stone architecture feels soft, the far away high ceiling seems close, creating an atmosphere of togetherness for the people inside. Cologne posseses more gothic and romanic churches, like the close-by Great St. Martinchurch.


col 2 DSCF0003cologne cathedral interior


To translate this atmosphere in pictures, I used the Fuji XE2 with 35/1.4 and 18-55/2.8-4.0 lenses. ISO about 4000 in RAW, a bit underexposed. Processed in lightroom with negative saturation and claritycompensation. A bit sharpening, adding some grain and warm splittoning in the shadows was all that was needed.


col 3 DSCF0006



col 4 DSCF0005



col 6 DSCF0013cologne cathedral hymnbooks



col 8 DSCF0116great st, martinchurch (960-1250)



col 5 DSCF0005cologne cathedral backbenches



col 10 DSCF0118cologne cathedral front


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2 Comments on cologne cathedral

Ton van Schaik said : administrator Report May 16, 2015 at 1:03 PM

Thanks for reacting. Good point, I now have the information added to the images.

Twinkle said : Guest Report May 16, 2015 at 12:33 PM

Maybe you did make a mistake? On some photos the nuns and priests are sitting on/ kneeling beside modern chairs. But there are no such chairs in the Cologne Cathredral, only oak wooden benches with woodcarving. So this must be in another church, but which, and where? Very interested to know, so please tell me/ us on your website, thank you so much!. Beautiful photos.

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