love & joy

LOVE & JOY                                                                           in 21 pictures     (jan 2015)


                                                                                                                                     lj 1 DSF8549the kiss


The “love&joy” section is part of a series observing aspects of human behaviour. The other parts are “individuality”, “urban-influence”, and “togetherness”.


lj 2 DSCF5228granada swing



lj 3 DSCF9541



lj 4 P1020981rodin. le baisser/the kiss



lj 5 IMG_7982the puja/the offering



lj 8 Pflora



lj 9 P1020670in the snow



lj 10 DSCF7240sliding



lj 11 P1130973hot chocolate



lj 12 DSCF5636enchanted



lj 14 IMG_7953the circle



lj 15 DSCF9102bubbles



lj 17 DSCF9976



lj 18 DSF8408good day sunshine



lj 19 DSCF2611communication



lj 20 DSCF7235waterworld


Blach&White section  in 5 pictures


lj 21 DSCF2733trust



lj 3a DSCF6391



lj 6 DSCF9625



lj 7 DSCF6126the carriage



lj 16 DSCF7495devoted

for portfolio and more press  HOMEPAGE

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