model charelle

MODEL CHARELLE                                                                 in 7 pictures     (jan 2015)


ch 2 DSCF4270


This is my first model shoot. Never did I work with a model, never with artificial light. Charelle had the creativity and capability  presenting all poses by herself. My only and easy job was occasionally pressing the shutter button. So the result is especcially on her account. Thank you Charelle for the experience.

The slowish Fuji XE1 with the slowish 60/2.4 lens were used. In the mediocre light, needing 1000 iso, the camera-lens combo did not suffer from any slow autofocus. In other situations like dark light and especially very close focus distance, this lens does hunt, but in reasonable light its fine. And wonderfull super sharp corner to corner from 2.4 on.


ch 3 DSCF4414



ch 4 DSCF4290 ‘mona lisa’



ch 6 DSCF4384caged



ch 5 DSCF4381



ch 7 DSCF4282



ch 3b DSCF4413‘vanitas’


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