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MOUNTAIN SPIRIT                                                                 in 23 pictures     (feb 2015)


ms 1 _1170754


People do not live in high mountains. We are short time passers-by, leaving only our footsteps, taking back with us new sights and insight.


ms 2 _1170473switzerland. Vaud mountainrange



ms 3 P1100160Switzerland. Wallis. la dent blanc


mountains are spiritual places.

With pinnacles sculptured rock reaching high into heaven, mountains resemble Europe’s ages-old cathedrals both in a physical and spiritual way. The real name of Earth highest mountain, now known as Everest, is Chomalungma, supposedly meaning Mother God of All. Jews, muslims and christians share the same old Bible books, in which Mozes recieved instructions (the Ten Commandments) from God on a Sinaï mountain. The Egypt pyramids are mountain like structures for the dead farao’s, representatives of the Gods. In Iraq, ziggurat’s are mountain like towers climbed by priests to recieve Gods instructions. The best known ziggurat being the Tower of Babylon. North American indians have their sacred mountains; The Aztec’s made mountain like buildings for serving the Gods; Mohammed recieved the Koran text in a mountain cave; Mount Olympos in Greece is the homeplace of their Gods. The list endlessly continues.


ms 5 P1120708frande. pyrenees. vignemale northface


mountains are bringers of life

Mountains are life bringers, not only for the soul but also for our physical earth. High mountains consist of cold dead rock, where no life is possible. But then there is the magic trick of erosion, caused by heat and cold, wind and rain, snow and ice, slowly pulverising rock. Taken down by water the mineral rich sediments are spread over the earth, giving nurturing life to our flora, in their turn producing oxygen, food, working materials and places to live. Mount Kailash in Tibet is the throne of the Hindu God Shiva, creator of the universe. From its top the Indus river and the Brahmaputra river (son of Hindu God Brahma) flow down through Pakistan and India giving life to vast agricultured aereas.


ms 6 _1180057switzerland. pfynwald



mountains for personal inspiration

Every year I go into the mountains. Alone, for weeks and longer. When traveling with my feet, I travel with my mind. It just happens. Far away trivialities vanish; the higher I go, the more I see. Questions arise, answers come. Mountains are inspirational in the way I look inside and outside. As such mountains are very much connected to how I view the world and want to make photographs.

Making photographs of my inner mind is impossible. I can only present pictures of the stunning high altitude surroundings which inspire me so much and so many years. Yet I think that looking at the pictures on this site, glimpses of my mind could be seen.


ms 11 _1170765switzerland. halfmoon above herence-valley



ms 13 DSCF2472spain. maladeta-massif



ms 14 P1120797spain. pyrenees. autumn at candanchu



ms 15 P1020594-2spain. siërra del cadí. pedraforca double-peak



ms 16 DSCF2486spain. moon and venus at capdella valley



ms 19 P1180206switzerland. saas-fee



ms 20 DSCF2416spain. siërra de guarra



ms 21 P1120682france. pyrenees. lutour valley



ms 24 DSCF2140spain. aiguës tortes



ms 25 P1100319france. mont blanc massif. aiguille du midi



ms 27 DSCF1935spain. pyrenees. valley d’aran



ms 28 _1180031switzerland. rhôneglacier



ms 30 _1170712last sunglow at swiss zinalrothorn



ms 31 _1170725swiss alps. evening at zinalvalley


Black&White section  in 4 pictures


ms 7 _1170672-2switzerland. zinalglacier



ms 13 P1180355switzerland. michabelmassif. domglacier



ms 17 DSCF2110spain. nightfall at aiguës tortes



ms 12 DSCF2038spain. maladeta-massif


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