my gear

 .                                                                                              P1080267For most of my work I use Fuji rangefinder-look camera’s like the Xpro and XE camera’s. I have some primelenses and zoomlenses.For my high mountain trekkings I use rangefinder-look camera’s from Panasonic. They are light, small and have good image quality. While climbing I mostly take one standard zoomlens (12-80 = 24-120 ff eqv) and the very small and bright 20/1.7 (= 40mm ff eqv) pancake lens.                                             

Lenses with uv-protectionfilters and short rubber suncaps.    Sometimes my lefthand as flareprotection. No flash.

With Fuji most pictures are shot in RAW. With Panasonic pictures are always shot in RAW. RAW and JPEG are processed in lightroom. Black&White conversion is also done in lightroom. JPEGsettings always at standard/default, noisereduction low. Mostly using aperturepriority.

The camera’s are almost completely black-taped. Together with the smaller top-flat rangefinderlook, they look oldfashioned ugly non-important, which is fine for photographing people. For me this way it is easy to come close, make (eye)contact, and shoot portraits, without long tele lenses.                                                                          As a bonus being taped the camera’s are almost weathersealed and scratch proof.      My camerabags look cheap and ordinary on the outside.