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 .                                                                                              P1080267For my work I like to use a rangefinder-like system-camera with some lenses. The camera is almost completely black-taped. Together with the smaller top-flat rangefinderlook, the look is oldfashioned, ugly and non-important. This suits me for photographing people, making it easy to come close, have (eye)contact, and shoot portraits, without long telelenses. As a bonus being taped the camera is almost weathersealed and scratch proof.  Also my camerabags look cheap and ordinary on the outside.                             

Lenses with uv-protectionfilters and short rubber suncaps.    Sometimes my lefthand as flareprotection. I seldom use flash.

Most pictures are shot in RAW, only a few in JPEG. RAW and JPEG are processed in lightroom. Black&White conversion is also done in lightroom. JPEGsettings always at standard/default, noisereduction and sharpness low. Mostly using aperturepriority.

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