observing art

OBSERVING ART                                                                 in 22 pictures     (may 2015)


ar 1 DSCF2856


I like observing art. Art has the power showing us angles of reality we did not see before. In this ability art can attribute in understanding our environment. For photographers, observing can help us getting better focus on how to express our images in the combo of form and meaning.

This section contains an exercise in picturing objects of art. Not as merely a reproduction, but seeking what I see as the main message, which may be a compressed detail of the original object.


ar 2 DSCF2861



ar 4 DSCF0170my wife’s hands



ar 9 DSCF7907the peacock



ar 10 P1040411floating sand



ar 11 DSCF0117pop art



ar 12 DSCF9812body art



ar 14 DSCF0384bold mask



ar 15 DSCF2860modern mask



ar 19 DSCF7891smoke 1



ar 21 P1130728power


Black&White section  in 11 pictures


ar 17 DSCF3591the victims



ar 18 DSCF3600the watcher



ar 16 DSCF2842single triple



ar 3 DSCF3459-2double triple



ar 5 DSCF3460desperate 1



ar 6 P1130707desperate 2



ar 7 DSCF3453vanishing



ar 8 DSCF3584lost



ar 20 DSCF7899smoke 2



the art of photography



ar 31 DSCF2694modern kind of stonehenge


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