staged portraits in b&w

STAGED PORTRAITS                                                              in 22 pictures   (july 2016)


lom 1 DSCF6327the racing car


I can’t yet get enough from the annual “living statues festival” in the tiny city of Lommel in Belgium. Tiny as it is, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, artists from all over the world do their performance here. World first prize winners among them.


lom 2 DSCF6178



lom 3 DSCF6171



lom 4 DSCF6184



lom 5 DSCF6186the fanfare


This time I was focussed on portraits in Black&White, trying to catch some of the artists concentrating expressions. By way of contrast to these somewhat serious portraits, I added some funny festival street pictures in colour. Emotion and fun, it’s all there in this festival in the month of june. Search for


lom 6 DSCF6276flora



lom 7a DSCF6371headphone boy



lom 8 DSCF6312tiny motorcycle


For photography the Fuji XE2 is used, with the zoomlenses 55-200/3.5-4.8 for portraiture and the 18-55/2.8-4.0 for street shots. Being there in late evening under a very clouded sky, ISO was set between 400 and 1000.


lom 9 DSCF6217



lom 10 DSCF6226



lom 11 DSCF6229



lom 12 DSCF6235



lom 13 DSCF6273strange



lom 14 DSCF6380



lom 15 DSCF6331



lom 16 DSCF6287



lom 17 DSCF6300nostalgia



lom 18 DSCF6145what ???



lom 19 DSCF6436



lom 20 DSCF6164-2old fashion



lom 21 DSCF6158



lom 22 DSCF6385modern fashion


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