swiss alps in black&white

SWISS ALPS IN Black&White                                                    in 6 pictures  (july 2019)



corbassière valley


Some trekking days in the Swiss alps presented the opportunity to take a few pictures of the high mountain scenery in the Valley, the south-western district in Switzerland. Having been there a number of times, I mostly shot pictures in color: green pastures and white glaciers all set against deep-blue skys are actually sreaming for color. This time I wanted to challenge myself in capturing this landscape in black&white.

All pictures are shot with the Panasonic GX7 and 12-60/3.5-5.6 zoomlens, at low ISO-values. Althoug the images look good on screen, I am not fully satisfied with the image quality of this lens: although sharp enough, there is this littlebit of dullness. The image quality of the older and smaller 14-45/3.5-5.6 zoomlens has a bit more punch or life into it. The difference is not huge, but noticable. But then the 12-60 is very versatil: light, more zoom-reach on both ends and weather-resistant, which suits mountaintrekking well.


rhône valley



aletsch glacier



icefall on corbassière mountain



bagnes valley mountains



grand combin glacier


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