TOGETHERNESS                                                                   in 23 pictures     (feb 2015)


tog 2 DSCF3730-3joy


The “togetherness” section is part of a series observing aspects of human behaviour. The other parts are “urban-influence”, “individuality” and  “love&joy”.

Togetherness can be seen as one of the most relevant affections of human characteritics. Love, care, sorrow, joy, comfort, altruism are just a few of the countless ways in which people give expression to the drive of sharing with each other. I would like to think that togetherness forms the glue to hold our world livable.  For a photographers eye, those aspects are a wealth, enough for exploring a lifetime.


tog 3 DSCF7266dreams



tog 4 DSCF9265friends



tog 5 P1030476_-2sisters



tog 6 P1100146crane family


I am just showing that the fundamentals of human and animal behaviour don’t differ all that much. Like us, lots of animals are seeking for mutual connections. Some animals even couple for life time.


tog 7 P1030266_bewerkt-1flaminco couple



tog 8 P1100036at work



tog 9 P1140180ice-skating



tog 10 DSCF7338into church






tog 13 DSCF6678mother



tog 14 P1180362vulnerable



tog 15 DSF9201almost one



tog 16 DSCF7066love



tog 17 DSCF7254tired



tog 18 DSCF9560connected



tog 20 DSCF6027great little man



tog 21 DSCF8839watching the night




tog 22 DSCF5355peer groups




tog 24 IMG_7648the puja (offering)


Black&White section  in 3 pictures


tog 1 DSCF6186on the move



tog 19 DSCF6834the touch



tog 23 P1110473concentration

for portfolio and more press  HOMEPAGE

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