urban influence

URBAN INFLUENCE                                                               in 29 pictures    (apr 2015)


DSCF0184eindhoven. the evoluon


The “uban-influence” section forms part of a series observing aspects of human behaviour. The other parts are “individuality”, “love&joy” and “togetherness”.


urb 1 DSCF2383siërra de guara. deer. 15.000 bc


Animals have the habit changing bits of their environment into places to hide, rest or breed. People developed this habit in so much greater extend, sometimes transforming urban surroundings into places of art. In Europe no place is untouched by men, except the high mountains and some woods.  In their turn those men-created habitats have profound effects on the way people behave. Since the invention of agriculrute, and in effect of that the human necessitie of permanent settlement, a cycle of mutual influence between people and their urban surroundings is in motion, with different outcomes over time and places.


urb 2 P1100372swiss alps. balance



urb 2b P1180250natural materials



urb 3 DSCF4954extremadua. all agricultured yet rural




urb 4 P1070166loarre castle. Guarding the ebro valley



urb 5 DSCF4956powers of the word and the sword. longtime neighbours



urb 6b DSCF7879metz. cathedral for modern art



urb 6c DSCF9382berlin. cathedral for money



urb 7 DSCF5412urban tentacles into nature



urb 7b DSCF7630urban animal adaptation



urb 9 DSCF5769sevilla. modern curves and squares



urb 10 DSCF5591the artist. curves and squares



urb 11 DSCF5668early urban transport



urb 12 DSCF5538contemporary urban transport



urb 13 DSCF5994andalucía. dawn



urb 15 DSCF9181nature almost taken over



urb 16 DSCF9067nature always taking back



urb 17 DSCF5524function changed. former islam minaret now christian belltower



urb 18 DSCF6694bonn. mosque-like artmuseum



urb 19 DSCF5552dressed for the city



urb 20 DSCF4588slamanca. city to admire



granada. city to fiest



turb 22 DSCF5508sevilla. city to meet



urb 23 IMG_8023 bnepal. rural function in the city



urb 24 DSCF1791pyrenees. the shepherd. old nomadic tradition still holding



P1070699 b_bewerkt-1eindhoven. the needle


Black&White section  in 2 pictures


urb 25 P1180258jewish family. some groups stopped adapting


While some people withdraw from the process of urban development, others are fiercly modern-urban supporters, and there are groups standing up for the importance of nature. Together creating a colourfull diversity of people and their urban surroundings, in an ongoing cycle of change. An inexhaustible photographers Paradise.


urb 14 DSCF6145the cattleman

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